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East River Roadway Renewal Project

Hennessey Engineers was contracted by Korneffel Construction to provide Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) services for the East River Road Renewal Project, which replaced the roadway over the Hickory Canal Bridge.

Hennessey customized a Concrete QC/QA Plan which included reconstruction of piles, foundations, slope protection, abutments, deck, rail, and approach slabs. Our testing technicians partnered with Wayne County Department of Public Works (DPW) personnel to conduct QC/QA testing as needed. This collaborative approach ensured the production of a high-quality concrete product for the citizens of Wayne County.

Factors including traffic, access limitations, and crossing restraints restricted most pours to the early morning hours with Hennessey on-site and accessible during each pour.

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Key Facts
  • A customIzed Concrete QC/QA Plan was created for the bridge reconstruction of piles, foundations, slope protection, abutments, deck, rail and approach slabs
  • Hennessey partnered with WCDPW to assist with QC/QA and provide the citizens with high-quality concrete
  • Hennessey was on-site for each pour

Korneffel Construction


East River Road over the Hickory Canal Bridge