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Goddard and Pardee Road Improvements

Hennessey Engineers provided civil engineering design services, land surveying, and construction engineering services to the City of Taylor on its two-phase, $10 million road improvement project between Goddard Road and Pardee Road. The project consisted of six miles of Hot Mix Asphalt mill and overlay, along with ADA ramp upgrades and the installation of three mast arm traffic signals. (Two miles of Goddard Road and four miles of Pardee Road.) Phase I was completed in 2021. Phase II was completed in 2022.

Goddard Road and Pardee Road are the main thoroughfares in the City of Taylor and it was important to avoid disrupting the business community and residents during road improvements. Careful coordination among the entire project team was necessary to keep everyone informed and safe.

Civil Engineering Civil Engineering

Land Surveying Land Surveying

Construction Engineering Construction Engineering

Key Facts
  • Two-phase, $10 Million road improvement project
  • Six miles of Hot Mix Asphalt mill and overlay
  • Close collaboration and communication with stakeholders - business, residents, city leaders
  • Businesses remained opened during construction

City of Taylor, MI


Goddard and Pardee Roads

Project Date


Project Costs

$10 Million