Program Management

Hennessey is uniquely qualified in program management with a strong executive team that combines engineering and financial expertise for a total solution. Our entrepreneurial approach to program management and breadth of over 40 years of experience allows us to maximize program potential. The Hennessey Team project and management experience has included providing urban planning, consulting, development management, brownfield management, engineering design, construction management, construction management, legal consulting, HUD monitoring and compliance reporting.

Hennessey focuses on the challenges and desired goals of a successful program management system. In achieving a high level of effectiveness in program management we concentrate on accomplishing three critical success factors: Capacity, Controls, and Performance. Mastering these factors result in adherence to regulatory compliance, transparent financial tracking systems, increased spending and provides the proven systems to secure additional funds.

We have a holistic approach to the program management and closely engage stakeholders in all phases of the in the planning, evaluation, proposed corrective actions and the program administration implementation plan. Communication and commitment of all parties are paramount to the Hennessey program management methodology.

We have the experience, expertise and capacity to establish systems that provide sustainable performance.