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City of Detroit Office of Grants Management

Following bankruptcy and as part of their goal to achieve transparency, the City of Detroit established a new department—the Office of Grants Management. Their objectives entailed establishing a separation between three distinct departments: accounting, grant accounting, and general fund accounting. To achieve this goal, a reconciliation of each department receiving grant funds needed to be completed.

After the reconciliation, new bank accounts and general ledger accounts were established to carry over balances from the old system. Joan Hennessey worked closely with city project managers and finance department representatives to complete the process. Fire, police, homeland security, transportation, health, public works, and recreation departments received the most grants.

Program Management Program Management

Key Facts
  • Reconciled outstanding grants for each department
  • Worked with departments in submitting vouchers for grant draws to carry balances forward
  • Established a loan system from the general fund to maintain a clean record of outstanding grant funds

City of Detroit


City of Detroit