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Goddard and Pardee Roads Investigation

The Goddard and Pardee Roads Investigation assessed the existing asphalt overlay’s structural integrity as each stretch of roadway was approaching an end of service life. The paving investigation consisted of pavement cores and augers to determine the condition of the asphalt and the underlying concrete and gravel/situ soils.

Based on the paving investigation, Hennessey Engineers partnered with the Asphalt Paving Association of Michigan (APAM) to develop a cost-effective overlay process. The Michigan Department of Transportation approved process retards the propagation of reflective cracking. Hennessey was among the first consultants to utilize this process, typically used on freeways. The process reduces excessive costs by eliminating the need for a complete reconstruction.

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Key Facts
  • Using pavement cores and augers, an investigation was conducted to assess the pavement's overall condition as well as the condition of the underlying concrete and gravel/in situ oils
  • Hennessey partnered with APAM to develop a cost effective overlay that significantly reduced costs and saved time
  • The MDOT crack relief layer retards the propagation of reflective cracking and is commonly used on freeways

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Goddard and Allen Roads, Inkster and Pardee Roads