Posted on 05/18/2022 in News & Announcements

Can I be a civil engineer?

What does it look like to work in the skilled trades? Can I be a civil engineer? That’s what over 600 Detroit middle and high schools students asked as they participated in the 11th Annual Construction Science Industry Expo on May 17 at the Durfee Innovation Society in Detroit, MI. Hennessey Engineers was one of many industry leaders exposing students to the construction and engineering industry through hands-on experiences.

Construction Manager Charles Smith led students through the process of design and construction of a local road. What do drawings look like? How do I measure correctly? What is asphalt? What is concrete? How does 21AA aggregate stone separate and why is it important to build strong, safe roads? Students were inquisitive and eager to learn.

“It’s important for young people to understand that a career in civil engineering or the skilled trades offers a stable future for themselves and their families,” said Charles Smith. “AND – it is attainable. They just need to know it’s out there.”

Check out our video of the day’s events.