Hennessey for over 40 years has been able to strive in providing quality, cost effective engineering designs in all aspects of civil and municipal engineering. By providing quality designs, Hennessey has been able to build and maintain a strong array of clients, both in the public and private sector. The following highlights the past performance of Hennessey:

  • Over our 40 year history, Hennessey has established an excellent relationship with County and State governmental agencies and with local utility authorities.
  • Hennessey has designed several private residential, commercial and industrial developments within the communities of Southeastern Michigan and has become acclimated to most municipal, as well as County, State and Federal engineering standards and guidelines.
  • Hennessey has been able to provide services beyond engineering to its clients, including architectural design services, construction administration, construction inspection, quality control/quality assurance testing, surveys, maintain geographic information systems and program management
  • Our business model is structured so our clients don’t have to carry overhead costs of large group of professionals they don’t need or will rarely use. This allows us to have a lower overhead and pass the costs savings onto our clients.
  • Each engineering project requires a unique blend of experienced support staff to efficiently respond to the particular elements of the project. Hennessey has an extensive resource of registered professional engineers, engineering technicians, professional surveyors, survey technicians, construction management personnel and administrative support staff to meet the clients’ needs

Hennessey operates an in-house soils/materials laboratory which enables us to oversee the testing facet of a project from within our organization. We can perform field quality control tests, as well as laboratory tests on soils, aggregate, asphalt and other construction materials, as required for specific projects. In addition, staff members are certified in QC/QA testing through the Michigan Department of Transportation

  • Hennessey has won project of the year awards for recent roadway improvement projects.
  • Since 2010, Hennessey has been able to secure over 10 million dollars in grant funding and federal aid assistance through governmental agencies for the communities represented for roadway and utility infrastructure planning and design improvements.